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The world's leading Internet treatment facility for diseases that afflict people running the Seti at Home program.

You have heard about Nurse Olga, now you can read about her early years.   Relax and play a game of pool in the waiting room.  Find out the answers to all your Seti at Home questions by going to the new section, Seti Questions.    The Clinic has been investigating some of the top Seti at Home teams.  To see what we have found out, go to the Team Investigation page. 

There is now a sanctioned Seti at Home group that will be monitored by our Clinic staff, Carolyn's Clinic S@H Club.  You can return to running work units in a controlled environment secure in the knowledge that if your Seti obsessions start getting the best of you,  we will recognize the warning signs and respond immediately with the proper therapy.  No other group can offer this kind of support and comfort.

  Updated July 2, 2002What country is producing the most Setiholics? When we first started recording the statistics, there were patients from 37 countries.  There are now patients from 45 countries.  The illness is spreading.   The top five sickest countries as of July 18, 2002 are the U.S., U.K, The Netherlands,  Germany,  and Canada. Rounding out the top 30 countries are 24 hits from the U.S. Government. 

Carolyn's Clinic-Main BuildingCarolyn's Clinic was established in May of 1999 and is located just minutes from Columbus, Ohio.  We have become one of the world's leading internet treatment facilities for diseases and psychosis that afflict people  who run the Seti at Home program for extended periods of time.

Some of the more common problems that the Clinic has treatment programs for include:


depression due to slow processing of work units


work unit withdrawal (WUW) normally caused by a breakdown of the Seti at Home server


low self esteem due to a low  standing in the Seti at Home statistics


panic attacks caused by being forcefully rejected, with error messages, by the Seti at Home server


paranoia attacks caused by believing that the Seti at Home program is a government plot that is keeping track of all information on your computer and/or is a program run primarily by aliens who are inhabiting the planet already and using the Seti at Home software to gather information that will be useful when it comes time to assimilate all intelligent life on earth


hallucinations caused by watching the Seti at Home screen saver for extended periods of time


The Clinic participates in most of the major health care plans.  We also accept referrals from the Worker's Comp Program for those of you injured while running Seti at Home at your place of employment.


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