Many of our visitors have arrived at the Clinic after having some kind of frightening experience related to joining a Seti at Home group.   Our research into the group phenomenon has turned up some disturbing examples of the kind of activities that can be associated with them and, we have found that joining a Seti Group can be a potentially dangerous activity.  In this case, there is NOT safety in numbers.  

This first section deals with some of the groups that we found listed under "Primary Schools".  Several names  appeared to be rather odd choices for a group of elementary school children. 

Alcohol Lovers of America - We located a picture of one of the  members of this team which we have included on the left.  

Additional groups in this category had the dubious names of:

Christian Brothers School of S&M  (Thank goodness there was no home page mentioned)

Hawaiian Shirt Mafia- the "tropical affiliate of the trench coat mafia"

Paul Kicks Ass at Golf

School of Beers

The Headless Chickens ( listed as being located "Somewhere in Texas)

The Rabid Squirrels


Some of the Seti at Home groups that are listed as Junior College level teams appear to be even more of a threat to our patient's well being.  The central theme for many of these groups seems to be alcohol related and this has lead the Clinic to the hypothesis that there may be a correlation between drinking and running the Seti at Home program.

Alcoholic Stargazers
Their description reads "A loose knit group of Male Supermodels, who are also multimillionaires, multi-doctorates, heavy beer drinkers, and astronomy enthusiasts."  Click "here" for a picture from their web site.

Banana Republic Community College
Description: "A rebellious faction within a respected Junior College in West Central Florida."

Description: "Beer + Cheerios in the morning. Nothing's better for a hangover! 12 eggs in a dozen, 12 oz. in a standard beer can. There are 24 hours in a day..there are 24 beers in a case. Is all this coincidence? I think not!

E.T.@home---Searching for a beer can
As the name implies, it's E.T. searching for a beer can.  Click "here" for a description of this activity.

MiBs - Whose description reads  "Men in boxer shorts".  For a team picture, click "here".

Oddjob College - Click "here" for a group picture.

Paperboy 2000 - Their description reads " Accountants looking for real life...?" (They would have to look outside their own kind for this one)

School of Lower Learning.  Click "here" for a picture of the group founder.
Description The school for people who were rejected from the schools of higher learning. 

Planet of the Apes
whose founder "Dr Zaius" has a web page  that includes more than you ever wanted to know  about Planet of the Apes.
(We, at the Clinic, have to confess that we have seen this picture and consider it a classic.)