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  The Clinic, like everyone else, is on high alert.  See how we are protecting our patients during these trying times, check out the Clinic Warning system   We have created a new interactive web page that shows the sites that are linked to the Clinic. Carolyn's Clinic has been off line for almost a week due to a daring daylight raid.  To view the picture of the suspects, click "HERE".  The long awaited Clinic report on Seti at Home Stats Addiction has just come out.  . 

Are you having problems or seeing errors while running the Seti at Home program.  Don't blame Berkeley until you read this new information from the Clinic. Click "HERE" to see what the staff has uncovered.


Clinic Reports


Should you join a Seti at Home Group?  The Clinic has reviewed all available information and has the answer.  To view the results of our latest study, go to "Seti Groups".


What's up with the Voyager Golden Record?  Are you as confused as some of our patients?  Go to the special page of suggestions from our patients on what should have been included.


Do you have IDCPM syndrome?  The Clinic has prepared a special report on the latest  threat to your sanity.  To view it, click "HERE".


The Clinic has put their giant computer to work analyzing the Seti at Home scatter graphs.  To view the results from this exhaustive study, go to Scatter Graph.


We have done the work for you.  Just sit back and take a tour through the "Best of the Others", a compilation of some of the best answers from the Seti at Home opinion poll.   


The Clinic has finally released its study of the effects of over clocking.  To view the latest data from this special investigative report, go to The Clinic Study on Overclocking.            


The Clinic has developed a primer to use in conjunction with the Technical News reports that are put out by the Seti at Home team.  Use it the next time you run into a word or term that you don't understand.  To go to our special help page, click Technical News Help.


  Remember how confused you were when Version 2.0 of the Seti at Home program came out?  Here is the Clinic report that will explain all your questions. 

Participation in Seti at Home related newsgroups can lead to feelings of inadequacy for those people having little or no knowledge of the scientific principles that the  program  is based on.  If the science of Seti at Home is all "Greek/Geek" to you;  If you have been afraid to participate in a serious newsgroup discussion because you studied astrology  instead of astronomy; If you never went to college and flunked out of remedial math in high school, then the Clinic has a program that will help boost your confidence and allow you to participate in even the most technical Seti at Home discussions. 

Follow the link button  to start your journey towards confident participation.        


Many people are forced to seek help from the Clinic after spending endless hours searching for an explanation for a high power reading that has shown up on their work unit.  The  futile search for a more detailed explanation than "terrestrial interference" has been known to lead to frustration, and in extreme cases, a complete physical breakdown for those individuals who are dedicated to seeking a more comprehensive definition. 

As a public service, the Clinic has put together a helpful aid that will provide all the answers you are looking for.  The next time that your work unit shows a large spike number, don't post to the newsgroup looking for answers.  Get detailed information about the various types of interference and the next time someone in the group posts this type of question, you will be able to supply the appropriate answer.  Gain knowledge and self confidence at the same time.

Follow the link button on the right to log onto the Clinic data base.                        

Have you ever seen a picture of the Seti Message that was sent into outer space and wondered what all those symbols really meant?  The Clinic has spent more hours than those dedicated to the human genome project to find the answers to this question and we have put together a web page that explains what our years of dedicated research have uncovered so far. 

To view the official Clinic study, just use the button on the right.