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Warning signs

As a public service, the Clinic has put together a list of warning signs that may help you determine whether your level of involvement in the Seti at Home project has risen from a harmless hobby into a full blown obsession. 

We have also just introduced the new online Clinic Evaluation Quiz  which is designed to provide an  evaluation for those visitors who feel that their situation might warrant immediate attention.

Do you spend more time with your computer than with your family?  Do you have an uncontrollable need to speed up your work unit processing which has caused you to spend more money on hard drives and installing additional RAM than you spent on your son's last set of braces?  Does the evolution of your present computer system since joining the Seti at Home program look something like the series of photographs below?


oldestcomp.jpg (17776 bytes)bigcomputer.gif (30732 bytes)computers.jpg (63324 bytes)



One of the more prevalent conspiracy theories  that the Clinic has had  to deal with, is the idea that the Seti at Home program is not looking for aliens; it is controlled by aliens.   Some people are convinced that the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life is really an elaborate plot by alien beings who are using the  program  to acquire  information,  from the computers of unsuspecting earthlings, that will enable them to one day  take over the earth. 

A few  visitors have arrived at the Clinic  with various documents in their possession that they have become convinced provide  "proof" of this theory and additional data is sometimes sent to the Clinic in the form of anonymous mailings.  All of these examples are carefully stored in the Clinic archives and absent more compelling evidence, are considered to be nothing more than rumor and innuendo.

 We have provided a link to an example that was sent  into the Clinic recently.             

 "Evidence" that was sent to the Clinic as alleged  prove that life exists on Mars.