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Carolyn's Clinic Worldwide Patient Map page shows the names of individuals who have benefited from our unique therapy.   To see if your name has been recorded go to "Patient Map"

Carolyn's Clinic accepts patients on a first come first serve basis but we try to make allowances for emergency situations such as weekend server outages.  

Patients entering the facility must agree to leave their computers at home.  Our 12 step intervention program depends on  a total withdrawal from the Seti at Home program.  This includes  the internet, email and any newspaper articles dealing with the Seti search.  As an additional precaution, all patients must agree to remainthebox.jpg (80743 bytes) indoors at night unless there is a heavy cloud cover.  These rules are to protect our patients and help in the healing process.  Any infractions of these rules are punishable by a night in the box as shown in the picture on the right.  

clinicgrounds2.jpg (182410 bytes) Our spacious facility and grounds offer  the perfect opportunity to get away from the frustrations and phobias that can be the result of Seti dependency.  Patients are encouraged to spend as much as possible of their free, daylight  time outdoors  to help treat one of the early warning signs of Seti dependency, the dreaded "raccoon eyes" syndrome.   Most arrive at the Clinic suffering from this common affliction which is caused by spending too much time sitting indoors  in front of a computer monitor.


Our staff at Carolyn's Clinic has a combined total of over 75 years of training in the psychiatric field.  Theirstaffclinic.jpg (121810 bytes) job is to guide  you as you travel down the road to recovery.  In addition, all staff members  have completed their Master's Degree in Seti Psychology.  Only four people in the Eastern United States have attained this level of psychiatric skill as of the end of 1999.   Keeping in mind the special needs of our paranoid Seti at Home patients,  We have carefully chosen staff members whose  appearance helps gain the confidence of our patients.  The picture on the right shows staff members Dr. Edgar Dinglehousen (chief psychologist), Dr. Edwina (head of security), Dr. Roswell Europa (chief physical therapist and part time hypnotist) and Dr. Bunny Gerard (chief Nurse Practitioner).