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  The server is down and you are frantic.  Don't worry, the Clinic has started an online group therapy session.  Click the new button to share your feelings of frustration with others who are suffering as you are.  Then go to Therapy comments to get feedback from the group.  


Problems connecting  to the server can lead to dangerous frustration levels.  We, at the Clinic, have discovered a form of self hypnosis that has proven helpful in these cases.  The link below will take you to the appropriate help area.  While the program is running, you must repeat the following words:                





Attempts to connect to an unresponsive  Seti at Home server can become a problem for those with obsessive compulsive tendencies.  Continuous pushing of the "Connect Now" button can lead to strains and fractures of the index finger or large and unattractive calluses.  Some patients have been known to spend hours trying to upload a work unit even though they know that the server is down.  The Clinic uses a  form of behavior modification to help those suffering from this malady.  If these symptoms sound familiar, help is available for you.  Click on the picture of the "Connect Now" button to travel to the help area.  The connect button in this area has  is programmed  to help curb the compulsive urge to keep trying.   It is recommended that you repeat this exercise until your problem is solved.