Take the Evaluation Quiz and find out if you need to spend some time at 
Carolyn's Clinic

1. WARM-UP: How long have you been running Seti at Home?

One to three months
Three to six months
Over six months
Less than one week

2. How many times a day do you log on to a Seti newsgroup?

Over five times a day
Three to Five times a day
Twice a day
Once a day

3. If you can't log onto the Seti at Home server, do you:

say, "No problem, I'll try again tomorrow"
Run a work unit that you stored for this type of emergency
Try back in an hour
Spend hours attempting to connect

4. I check the status of my present work unit:

As soon as I get up, during the day and in the middle of the night.
Once a day
What's a work unit?

5. How much money have you spent on upgrading your computer to run Seti at Home?

$1 to $100
$100 to $250
Over $250

6. How many additional software programs are you running in conjunction with Seti at Home?

Why would I need additional programs?
Two or more

7. In order to spend more time at my computer running Seti at Home, I:

hardly see my immediate family
eat supper in front of my computer on a tray
have installed a catheter
use the computer at night when everyone else is in bed

8. My personal Seti at Home statistics:

are meaningless, I only care about the science.
are only mildly interesting
have caused me to shake uncontrollably when my standing drops
are checked daily, whenever I need an ego boost.

9. How many Seti at Home related web sites do you visit a day?

The official Seti at Home web page
Two or more related web pages
I update my own Seti at Home web page daily
all of the above

10. Seti Trivia: Do you know....?

The names of the Seti at Home personnel?
Can you name two corporate sponsors?
What a Gaussian is?
How to find your work unit location on a sky map?