Every time someone in the newsgroup mentions the Voyager Golden
record, the Clinic receives a rash of new visitors who have visited the
NASA site and just don't understand why some of this information
was sent into outer space.  As a helpful exercise for our patients, we
asked them to come up with some suggestions and examples of 
what their choices would be.  The following is a sample of some of
the pictures that our patients found to be much more informative than
what was actually sent.


   What is going on with the picture that was sent as an example of family ages?  No wonder our patients are confused.  We think that they are trying to show ages and weight here but if that is correct, why is the mother (or father) eighty years old and the mother (or father) thirty years old? Is this an example of James Doohan's family?  Why are there two children, ages twelve and four?   Doesn't the average earth family have 2.7 children?  

Clinic Example:  Earth families can take many different forms. These are some of the pictures that the Clinic patients picked to use as examples of an earth family.

  The scientists included a diagram showing a cross section of the earth's structure.  Frankly, the Clinic Patients thought that this  was an unnecessary and boring piece of information.  

Clinic Example:  The cross sectional pictures that they would have chosen have been included here.

  For some reason, it was decided to send a picture of the various ways that humans eat.  The Patients felt that these examples of eating and drinking were more likely to be found at a Black Sabbath concert  than at the supper table of a normal human family. 

Clinic Example:  Here are some of the examples that our patients picked to show the various ways that humans use or handle  food.

  The picture of the violin and accompanying sheet music is one example of an earth instrument.

Clinic Example:  Our patients felt that these pictures were  more educational.

  The Golden Record included a picture that depicted a human with an X-ray of a human hand. 

Clinic Example:  While the Patients felt that this was an informative picture,  they have come up with another example.

  The Clinic Patients felt that no example of life on earth would be complete without including pictures of the various types of clothing that we wear.  Here are some of the examples that they came up with.