The clinic has had a number of patients who arrived on the verge of a nervous breakdown from trying to read all the "other" answers from the Seti at Home opinion poll.  The list is so long that, as far as we know, no one has ever made it all the way through to the end.

Now the Clinic has done the work for you.  We have spent countless hours scrolling to the very end of the replies to put together what we feel are the best of the comments from this list.

There evidently are some men out there who have exhausted all dating possibilities on earth and look to the Seti at Home program as a way of expanding their horizons.  They are now on an intergalactic babe hunt.

Want to score with alien babe 
Well, actually, I'm kinda looking for a date
meet chicks
hoping to find alien porno encrypted in radio signal 
I can't get a date on this planet. Might as well try to find another one.
......maybe I will find maybe an alien girlfriend! 
Aliens Turn me ON, mmmmm.
In case ET is hot, I'll be the first to find out
{ Clinic Note:  We are still trying to figure out why none of the women seemed to be looking for alien men.}


Some people are looking for the alien that they encountered earlier.  Maybe they loaned him money.

A few years ago some extraterrestrial sent me a bad checque. With SETI I hope to find the b_____d! 

had an encounter in Tanzania at 4am when all Africans are sleeping; one humongous spacecraft that I will never forget- nor will my French wife who woke me up to see one I mean no one could convince me otherwise... 

make world aware, have seen UFO 

proof of E.T. as I Know I've seen them!!!!! 

figure out what I saw that night with my girlfriend

because I enjoy the pretending like I am going to find E.T. even though we all know they already exist!!! 

After they abducted me, they told me "don't call us, we'll call you." I've been waiting for five years. Maybe they forgot about me. I don't think they even have my number. They sounded pretty important, so I figure I'll settle for SETI@home until they send me a personal message. 


A good number of the answers indicated that the responders were looking for some kind of reward for their efforts.

free beer

for the t-shirt, WHAT?!?!! I don't get a t-shirt? Come on!

Well I really need a new car so maybe the almighty bug lords will be good enough to grant me one when they get here.

If I help find aliens, the world may help me find my lost cat. 

Aliens pinched my car after I'd been on a weekend long booze up. I want it back. 

Discover new market opportunities. 

Find ET and become Infamous ! 

Get my picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone :) 

I wanna try some alien beer ! 

I could sell this junker computer for big bucks if we hit the jackpot..


Of course, the conspiracy people all have their own reasons for running the program.

We MUST find THEM before they find US so we can send our armada of space-blasterinos and start our empire of slave planets to service our every need and provide us with resources and technologies with which to build even better armadas of super-space-blasterinos to spread our empire and conquer the UNIVERSE. And besides, it's neato! 

While in the USAF I was witness to ??? shhhhhh orders I will not say but for the general pop. groups like this is the only chance for the truth to come out... 

because the Crop Circles go ignored.... 

I know there out there just need someone to blow the lid off the government conspiracy and with this public domain maybe we can do it

know your friends well, your enemies even better

What if this isn't about SETI but a world-wide effort to crack the VISA or MasterCard codes (or any other code...).  

Working for Earth defense against Aliens. Get a life people ! E.T. is b_____t. Will be most likely hostile and trying to erase us . 

You should check closer to home !!!!!!! 

but how do we make sure ET has not already contacted us first, but contactees keep it hidden? 

Have personally seen a ufo @ 2:30 PM  { Clinic Note:  Why the specific time, but no day?}

Humanitarian reasons?

We are in drastic need of new technology that will stop pollution. Hope they have it.

We need help to get off of this rock.

We should know if there are any alien civilizations nearby. For reasons of long-term security for our species.

We have to do something to counter broadcasting stuff like jerry springer out to the rest of the universe

find ET in case they are badass biker aliens

in order to kill them, we must find them first ! and I really want that nobel price (Clinic note: not the peace prize)

just want to give "ET" a better NAME... 

curiosity, what else.. plus the tax free money from starting a new religion would be a nice benefit

Find ET so Leno will have new material for awhile