Nurse Olga, The Early Years
You've read about her on the newsgroup.  You've heard
about her on the message board and at the Carolyn's Clinic
Club web site.  Now it is time to find out the real details
about Nurse Olga.  That's right, everything that you ever
wanted to know about Nurse Olga but were afraid to ask.

Olga Schwartzenager was born  in 1922 to aristocratic parents who lived in a  castle in  the Bavarian Alps.  Her father, Duke Schwartzenager, was a strong believer in physical fitness and started Olga's training early in life by enrolling her and her brother, Ollie,  in baby boxing  tournaments.  Although Olga suffered no long term affects from being thrust into this type of athletic competition, her brother  was not so fortunate and spent much of his later life dealing with the consequences of taking  one too many blows to the head.

Olga lead a sheltered and privileged life until the year 1936 when her father,  (a would be inventor) squandered the family fortune by using it to manufacture 60,000 gag ski pole hats of which only five  were ever sold to the general public.  The family had  to sell the castle to pay off the mounting debts created by this entrepreneurial fiasco and move into smaller accommodations.  At age 16, Olga was forced to work in a Bavarian toss the hat at the antler game to help support her family.   Unfortunately, this type of work was only available when the circus was in town, so in the winter months she was able to pick up a little extra money by selling  headwear  she created out of baked goods for local bird watching enthusiasts who used them to help attract rare species.

An unfortunate accident involving a local townsperson and the above mentioned headwear,  changed the course of Olga's life. The tragedy, which she felt in some way responsible for, motivated her  to dedicate the rest of her life  to helping the sick and injured.  After immigrating to America, she became a  WAV and started receiving training in both nursing and astronomy.   The physical requirements of basic training were something that Olga found she enjoyed and that she still practices to this day.  She credits her intense workout regime  with helping her keep in such great condition  for her age.  It also comes in handy when having to deal with unruly patients.