Have you ever wondered why some Seti at Home groups have so many members or appear to process outrageous quantities of  work units a day?  How do some groups rise to the top 200 and how do they stay there?  Every day, the Clinic treats patients who are either former  members of these "top" groups or founders of smaller groups who arrive in a catatonic state induced by the never ending prospect of trying to keep up or overtake them.

After two years of exhaustive undercover work, the Clinic has determined what really happens within a "top" Seti at Home team.   Although the  results are alarming, the Clinic has provided them in the hopes of educating the public on the dangers of  these organizations. 

Membership - Why do so many people join?

The Clinic has learned that many teams employ special tactics for recruiting new members.  These groups also use mass marketing tools to convince people that running the Seti at Home program will improve their quality of life.  The older population is especially vulnerable to these kinds of tactics which explains why, of the top twenty teams, the average member age is 82.

Why do they stay?

Once team members learn the truth, why don't they just leave?  

All team founders have access to the email addresses of their team members and unscrupulous leaders use these  to track down the home address of each member.  These members  are eventually  rounded up and restricted to a central location called a "Seti farm" where they are forced to perform various tasks, often in wretched quarters, related to running S@H for the team.

After the team members are removed from their surroundings and separated from their  family members,  the indoctrination program begins.   Yes, the bottom line is that many Seti at Home teams are really Seti CULTS!  This is accompanied by various mind control  techniques that gradually turn the team member into a Seti zombie whose only function in life is to process work units. 

Why aren't there more women team members?

Many people have noticed, and commented on,  the low percentage of women team members.  The Clinic has learned the shocking truth about how women team members are really treated and  it is no wonder that women avoid these groups.

What is the attraction of group membership?

Members mistakenly think that they will pick up valuable information to help them them make their computers run faster.   Unfortunately, any computer tips that they pick up are  dubious at best and sometimes outright ridiculous due to the fact that most teams ran out of tweaking ideas a long time ago and have resorted to just making up outrageous schemes in an attempt to keep their members occupied.

Team members want so desperately to be part of the group that they don't realize that the concept of team "families" may be vastly overrated.

The bottom line is that people should think about why they really want to join a team, research their decision thoroughly and only join a team that is run by someone that they trust.  If they don't, they alone will be responsible for the consequences.