Have you ever  read something on the Seti at Home web site or in the newsgroup that causes you to scratch your head and wonder what the heck they are talking about?  Every day, the Clinic staff has to deal with patients who are confused and upset by the fact that that there are many things that they don't understand about the program.  That is why we have put together a list of specific answers about things you may have read or seen that relate to Seti at Home.

1.  I have read the Seti at Home web page that discusses the process of going through the results to find interesting signals.    Why are these signals called  "candidate signals" ?

2.  The present Seti at Home project doesn't cover very much sky area. When will we be able to analyze a larger portion of the sky?

3.  I have studied the information about interesting signals that have been found.  Who is analyzing the signals at Berkeley?

4.  We would like to hear more information about the Seti at Home program.  Why doesn't the Berkeley team  give us more information?

5.  I read a suggestion on the newsgroup about sending the work units out by snail mail.  What is "snail mail" ?

6.  I think that my screen saver found an interesting signal.  How can I take a picture of the screen to show people?

7.  The server was down for upgrades to the Seti at Home computer system.  What kind of modifications did the Seti team do to the system?