Laughter cures everything they say. I can reassure everyone that this is also true for S@h related problems. I praise the clinic and it's staff!

{The Clinic will continue to provide quality service for those who need it.}

Oh thank you doctor for giving me a few minutes of pleasure while sitting in your waiting room. I must be destined for a strong signal because I found your alien in only 6 tries. Then again there may be several in there, just to make the patient feel lucky. Your site is a joy. Thanks

{ The Clinic is happy to be able provide a place where visitors can feel safe and secure}

This site is incredibly funny, clever, and well designed.  I enjoyed my visit immensely! Thanks,

{ Thank you for your comments}


Thanks for your help. Now I can withstand the "Can't connect to server" for a longer time before my eyes get full of tears of frustration.
You had been very helpful! ;)

{ No one should be ashamed to ask for help.  The Clinic exists to support you }


Very humorous and enjoyable.

{  The Clinic staff has always believed that laughter is the best medicine }


Carolyn, thanks for the great humorous angle on SETI.
There are may SETIans (sic) that must find the project absolutely compelling, and to those people, your clinic will be a "Little White Room" away from home.
I know you have posted several interesting WUs in the past.
Have you considered allocating space to a "Gallery" of Weird/Interesting screen shots?
Keep up the great work.

{ There are  plans to add many new wings to the Clinic and one of them could have enough room for such a "gallery" }

This has to be the funniest web site I've
visited in a very long time.
It is super!

{ Thank you. Remember to visit often.  Regular checkups are important for good Seti at Home mental health. }


Testing the Netfinity server rack was fun but has finished. The servers are
now working on the Lotus Domino thing. What a waste.
Now I am slowly but surely sliding down the top members in my team causing 
depressive thoughts and despair. 
Nowhere to turn, no one understands... 
But then.. 
Light in the darkness.
Carolyn's Clinic offers HELP and UNDERSTANDING.
This is the place to go for all SETI users. Do not wait for error messages, 
server downtime or hallucinations. Visit in advance and have a little comfort.
Thank you, thank you.

{  The Clinic staff recommends that you think about  entering the annual "Hemmingway Contest". }


So I found myself laughing in my chair as I clicked on the last box in the waiting room and realized how funny it was that the alien was not there. Now that's funny!

{ We understand that there have been rumors of an alien presence in the waiting room during the last couple days. }